Meteonorm V 8.0 (Single User License)

Meteonorm V 8.0 (Single User License)

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Meteonorm is a unique combination of climatological information and sophisticated calculation tools for interpolation of data around the world.

Manage one of the most complete climatological databases on the market. 

Meteonorm has access to:

  • Data from more than 8000 weather stations around the world
  • Data from 5 satellites
  • Climatological data taken from the measurement of aerosols
  • Historical data series
  • Method validation by Meteotest (Meteonorm manufacturers)
  • Perform calculations of climatic values with resolution of up to minutes
  • Obtain up to 36 climatic variables within which are: global radiation, direct radiation, diffuse radiation, temperature, relative humidity, wind speed and much more!
  • Optimize the spatial or temporal interpolation of the software
  • Input of measured data
  • Reduction of irradiance on the horizontal from the horizon line
  • Free technical support via phone and email


* If you need more than one license, ask us about the 50% promotional discount by sending an email to


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